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Robotic systems are involved in every aspect of our lives. The development and dissemination of technology provides important facilities in our daily lives, while robotic technologies used in the field of Health allow surgeries to occur with minimal errors and increase patient satisfaction.

Private Medicabil Hospital, which uses the Robotic Surgical System, is one of the few hospitals in Turkey to implement this system. The risk of errors in bone incisions made in surgeries with robotic surgery is reduced.

The Risk Of Overhaul İs Decreasing

"The prosthesis we use in surgeries moves inside the patient five million times a year. For this reason, the prosthesis needs to be placed in accordance with the anatomy, without errors. By this method, error-free placement of the prosthesis is ensured, while the possibility of revision surgery is reduced, it contributes to the extension of the duration of use of the prosthesis”

What Operations Are Performed With This System?

With this device, we perform half and total Knee Replacement and total hip replacement operations.

How Is The System Used?

First, we make a radiological assessment of our patients and determine their anatomy. These are evaluated and returned to us as measurements through the computer system. This information is compared with the patient's Anatomy and gives us one-to-one measurements of the patient's knee or hip. In this way, we perform what is ideal for the patient.

Prof. MD. Ömer Faruk BİLGEN

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist