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Medicabil Home Care Center reaches the needy by integrating a variety of services that meet many needs with the support of the private Medicabil Hospital, its professional friendly team and its experience in the field of Health.
We offer a service that makes a difference with our team, which has received the training needed to be the best in its profession, is dedicated to health care, is dedicated and proud to be our member.
Our goal is safe and efficient service with our expert staff, we have developed and are constantly in the field of Health Protection with the individual's own life by applying the international standards of health problems and effective solution by ensuring the continuation of activities of daily living, home care and those who benefit from the service is to be an indispensable role model is the highest level of employee satisfaction. Services we provide in our Home Care Center:
  • Patient Care Officer Services
  • Nursing Services
  • Pressure Wound Care and treatment
  • Baby Nursing Services
  • Doctor Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Post-Intensive Care Services
  • Ambulance
  • Check-Up Services
  • Health Care In The Workplace
  • Alzheimer's Patient Care Service
  • Medical device and Materials Services