Our Values

The most important asset of MEDICABIL Hospital is its employees. Our "values" are the basic principles that determine the behavior of our employees and form the basis of medicabil corporate culture. Guiding in our service delivery, " our values”;
We are human-oriented; MEDICABIL employees care about their patients and depend on their patients with a friendly service approach. It tries to understand the future needs of our patients while meeting their current needs and expectations.
We are different;medicabil employees are always excited to make a difference in the services it offers by using science and aims to differentiate.
We are participants; our human resources are the most important value of our organization. In the process of achieving our vision, we will benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of our employees.
We take care of information confidentiality;as MEDICABIL employees, we take care to protect and keep confidential all kinds of information belonging to our patients and our institution.
We respect the rights of patients and their relatives;MEDICABIL employees carry out all their activities with respect to the rights of patients and their relatives.
We are sensitive to ethical values; MEDICABIL employees conduct all their activities in accordance with ethical values.
We obey the law;MEDICABIL employees respect the law in all their activities.
We keep work safety ahead; the safety of our employees, patients, patient relatives and other people who interact with our activities is our responsibility. Therefore, it is our duty to minimize the risks arising from our activities.
We protect the environment; our hospital sees it as a duty to raise awareness of our employees and reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by our activities in order to contribute to the formation of a livable world.
We believe in quality management systems; as MEDICABIL hospital; we believe in the importance of implementing quality management systems in accordance with our quality policy and continuously improving them in accordance with our changing conditions and needs.