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Doga college-UNICEF, 11.06.2011 proceeds of the United Nations Children's Aid Fund UNICEF to be given their own designs bookends, scented notebooks, postcards and many more souvenirs for sale in the stands they opened in the private MEDICABIL hospital was the first shopping hospital administration from doga college kindergarten students.Nursing home visit, 05.01.2011 within the scope of Social Responsibility projects, private MEDICABIL hospital management Ali Osman Sönmez visited nursing home. I'm glad we were able to show in the new year that we haven't forgotten them, and that we've been able to respond to the needs of our elders a little bit.KÜLTÜR college-painting exhibition, 12.03.2011 private Bursa cultural Schools celebrated the medical holiday of our physicians with a painting exhibition entitled ‘Health through the eyes of children’. The exhibition,which was carried out with paintings made by students who determined their goals as doctors, attracted great attention by doctors and hospital visitors.Red Crescent blood donation, 08.09.2011 and 19.01.2012 due to the decrease in voluntary blood donations and blood stocks during Ramadan, we have contributed to the ongoing blood donation campaign with the slogan ‘One Million good people are wanted’ as patient relatives, doctors and hospital staff.SPORTING EVENTS, 05 – 11.06.2011 matches within the scope of the Big Men's single pot League, where names who used to play basketball and gave their heart to basketball, were continued under the health sponsorship of the private MEDICABIL hospital.Professional information Conference, 23-27.05.2011 private Medicabil Hospital, 23- On 27 May, between the various schools in Bursa will be held with the participation of, medical education and medical information about the conference for 5 days, each day different schools and the participation of doctors in different specialties in medicine, he will make a speech before the university examination the aim of the conference to inform the students, show them the way, endear the medical profession, along with the advantages and disadvantages of this profession with raising awareness.WE DIDN'T LEAVE HIM ALONE., 26.08.2011 heirloom Karabulut, a retired SSK, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and lung cancer about 6 months ago.The Ministry of Health, which took action after the headline news on August 26, 2011 about the condition of the patient whose financial condition is not good and the doctors he examined said ‘he needs to have surgery urgently’, forwarded the issue to the Bursa Provincial Health Directorate. The Medicabil Hospital, where the specialist doctor needed for the operation is located, was contacted. Director General Of Medicabil Hospital Dr. Mustafa Koçak, " after the news in Zaman newspaper, The Ministry of Health stepped in. So we did an operation to fix a glitch in the system." said.MEDICABIL support for Crucible crocodiles, 13.08.2016 private Medicabil Hospital, Turkey men's Basketball 1 this season. Yesil Bursaspor men's basketball team, which will compete in the league, and was the health sponsor of green and white athletes in the amateur branches.