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Joint Commission International (JCI) is a non-profit organization established in the United States in 1997 and has supervised and credited various health care organizations in more than 60 countries. As of February 2012, Turkey ranks second in the world with 37 patients credited with JCI. In addition, a total of 42 health institutions have been credited with JCI in our country to be 3 clinical laboratories, 1 foot treatment and 1 transportation service.(Ministry of Health website) the JCI credit is considered the methodology with the greatest potential to achieve standardization in patient health. JCI Organization for both patient and organization Center standards in health institutions. JCI wrong that's preventing to correct wrong practices in the applications before they happen, to ensure safety, and to record all the developments according to the standards and correction of the changes developing international standards in order to provide the continuous monitor compliance when Kabul had seer develops, and check compliance with these standards is accredited health care organizations and successful ones. Patient care, patient and immediate rights, ease of access to health care, and the importance given to patient education are recognized as the most important standards. These standards were collected in 14 main starts. International Patient Safety Goals, access to care and continuity of care, patient rights, patient assessment, patient care, anesthesia and Surgical Care, Administration of medications and use of standards of patient education and patient-centric and patient safety and quality improvement, infection prevention and control, governance, leadership, and guidance, facility management and safety, staff qualifications and training, communication and Information Management Standards management standards-based. Goal; it provides a visible commitment to continuous work to improve the safety and quality of care that an institution provides to its patients, to ensure a safe environment of care, and to reduce the risks that patients and employees are exposed to. Serious health institutions to effectively implement the requirements of this standard provides the opportunity to healing, legal controls easy to make progress appropriate and correct for the basis of the terms of the senior medical studies have taken the opportunity to give the rights of the patient to come to terms provides great value to the organization and makes it the best possible. Also T.C. According to the directive put into effect by the Ministry of health, our patients who are intended to enter the period of credit will be prepared for the system of Health credit. He's t. C. All hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health meet the criteria introduced in the” institutional quality improvement and Performance Evaluation Management " and work to work in the correct construction of the criteria. 1515 West 22nd Street, Suite 1300W Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 U.S. Wire:+1 630 268 7400 (8:30-17:00 Monday-Friday UTC-6) email: [email protected]