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We keep on our activities with an objective to continuously monitor the development of the global health services and to bring into our country internationally accepted standards, methods and practices and to actively contribute to the improvement of medicine and play a role in the training of employees at all levels in the health sector.We develop alternative business models in delivering health services and to become a leader and an exemplar in our sector with diverging practices.

Believing that it is a prerequisite for everyone to be aware of their duties, Private Medicabil Hospital obtained its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate which provides a frame to establish patient orientation, management approach and to achieve everlasting performance improvement, following a SGS Certification Audit conducted on 1st June 2011

And in line with the same objective, all of its departments were accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), an independent auditing company for healthcare facilities, which is a model signifying the high quality of health service and patient safety, on May 2013, on the second anniversary of its inauguration and was involved among the limited number of organizations awarded with JCI accreditation.

Our hospital that has internationally accredited its emphasis on Service Quality and Patient Safety, introduced its distinction upon its affiliation with Ranawat Orthopedic Center (ROC New York), one of the most prominent centres in its field internationally, on patient care, scientific researches and training. Additionally, we carry on contributing health trainings in all aspects and at all levels as the educational centre of Johnson & Johnson Company and Smith & Nephew.

Significance of Quality and Accreditation Certificates

Quality Management is a sine qua non for our system in our organization. Today, it is no more a satisfactory solution ”that everyone doing its best within the healthcare organizations”, to achieve objectives set forth in the health sector. Therefore, nationally and internationally recognized quality and accreditation certificates
  • Assure official recognition, both at national and international level, of the organisations providing high quality service,
  • Enables the organisation to establish an auditing mechanism which the organization take benefit of making objective self-assessments,
  • Assure that quality improvement activities and the corporate policies established in this respect are secured by auditing the managerial processes in addition to medical processes,
  • Cause the personnel take a pride in the organizations they are employed in,
  • Improve communication and team work among the personnel,
  • Prop up contribution of the personnel in the development of their organizations,
  • Enable continuous improvement in particular in patient and employee safety issues and provides the most up-to-date developments at international level be involved in the processes thanks to standards permanently improved by the accreditation organization.