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Within the scope of nationally and internationally recognized healthcare service standards, the accuracy of data are checked, examined and analysed by our Quality and Accreditation team through almost 50 indicators thanks to the devoted performance of the entire Medicabil team. Our process to achieve the quality indicators outcome is configured within the frame of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle which is the basis of the process of our system.

Planning, doing, checking (assessment), analysing, acting, monitoring the changes and improvement are the developmental milestones of our quality cycle.

Verification method for Quality Data

Accuracy of data and outcomes are checked in monthly basis through system data verification and user data verification process taking the JCI standards into consideration.In addition, the data are verified
  • At least once a year
  • When a new bench mark is adopted (in particular clinical benchmarks designed for assessment and improvement of a crucial clinical process or outcomes of an organisation)
  • If and when the data in question would be publicized through the internet website of the organisation or through other channels
  • When an existing benchmark is modified for ex: if data collection tools or data segregation process or method is modified
  • When data source is modified for ex: when a portion of patient records are transferred to electronic environment and thus the data source is available in both electronic environment and as a hard copy
  • When data collection subject is modified for ex: if average patient age or comorbidity research protocol is changed, when new implementation guidelines become applicable or when new technologies or treatment methods become applicable, then such data are verified.
  • Due to any deviation that would discredit the accuracy of data, the relevant quality indicator of the period is either recalculated, where applicable, or the data is deemed invalid.
Each of our quality indicators are assessed within the scope of internationally recognized target values. We aim for constant improvement even if we achieve permanent conformity to the target value. Because we are aware that in our time where systems are constantly modified and improved, quality should mean continuous improvement.

“Those who survive are neither the smartest of their kind nor the strongest but only those who keep pace with change.”