Prostate Surgery By HOLEP (Laser) Method

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Holep has become increasingly common in America and Europe in recent years and has managed to become the “gold standard” in prostate enlargement surgery due to its advantages. Holmium laser used in the process of 'prostate enlargement treatment' with the Holep method can be applied in a limited number of centers in our country, as it requires a high technological infrastructure.

How Is Prostate Enlargement Surgery Performed With Holep?

Prostate enlargement surgery with Holep is an operation in which spinal (numbing from the waist down) anesthesia is sufficient. In classic closed surgery, the prostate is removed by cutting it piece by piece; in Holep method, the prostate tissue is removed by peeling (enucleation) from where it is located; the minimum amount of prostate tissue that can remain.

What Are The Advantages Of Holep Method?

  • Closed surgery is also possible with this method in those with a prostate large enough to require open surgery.
  • Less bleeding occurs than conventional closed prostate surgery.
  • Faster recovery and return to normal life are provided.
  • The probability of recurrence of prostate enlargement after surgery is much less.
  • Unlike laser operations such as Greenlight, tissue can be taken for pathology diagnosis.
  • A decrease in PSA blood value after surgery is much greater.
  • It is safer in patients using blood thinners than other methods.