Pregnancy is one of the important periods in women's life, lasting about 280 days. Delay of expected menstruation is the most important condition that creates suspicion of pregnancy. Even if a woman whose menstruation is delayed uses any method of prevention, a definitive diagnosis of pregnancy can be made with a pregnancy test and ultrasound. But every pregnancy test positive may not be a normal pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), it must necessarily be confirmed by ultrasound. Nausea, vomiting, tendency to sleep, weakness, fatigue, frequent urination, fullness in the breasts, tenderness, sensitivity to food smells, and groin pain are common symptoms during pregnancy. In order to evaluate the health status of the mother and baby, to identify possible problems, to prevent and to inform the family, pregnancy follow-up should be carried out at certain intervals from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy follow-up gives more accurate results if the pregnancy begins while it is still in the planning stage. Monthly checks are performed at the beginning of pregnancy, and more often towards the end. In the first application, the patient's risk group is determined and proflactic folic acid vitamin is started for neural tube defect (NTD).

Each check measures the patient's blood pressure and body weight. The health status of the baby is evaluated by ultrasonography. In some months, special tests are performed. (dual screening test, triple screening test, 5.detailed ultrasonography per month, 50 g sugar screening test) in the near term of birth, the baby's weight, posture and suitability for normal birth are evaluated according to the mother's bone structure. But it can never be guaranteed that a normal birth will occur until the last moment. In some special cases, a caesarean section may be recommended first. In some cases during each period of pregnancy (bleeding, high blood pressure, seizures, the baby does not move), it may be necessary to come to the hospital as an emergency. Some special cases, despite all efforts, can lead to the death and permanent damage of the mother or her child during pregnancy, birth or after pregnancy. These conditions may not always be foreseeable or treatable. Regular doctor check-ups will minimize the problems that may occur.


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