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Medical Oncology is called the maestro in the treatment of cancer, although it was established after the departments of surgery and radiation oncology. In fact, there should be a team decision including a medical oncologist in the initial treatment and diagnosis of all oncology cases. A medical oncologist does not just give chemotherapy, the planning of the entire patient's treatment process also belongs to him. Chemotherapy refers to chemical drug therapy.
It is a treatment that has been applied for the last 50 years. while multiple and severe treatments were on the agenda in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, single treatments and chemotherapy-immunotherapy combinations were on the agenda as a result of the activation of immunotherapy since the 2000s.
The positive effects of these methods of treatment are greater than the negative effects. Chemotherapy is usually given to the patient intravenously, there are also some oral forms.
Immunotherapies are administered intravenously, small molecular weight ones are also administered orally. Kidney cancer and skin cancer, which used to be fatal, have now become a chronic disease.
These patients may need palliative care, or even they may need it from the day they first apply. Palliative care includes supportive treatments. These are oral or intravenous nutritional fluids.
It includes many topics such as blood transfusion, supporting serum and electrolyte balance, pain treatment, preventing nausea and vomiting. It is important that the treatment is adjusted to the patient's tolerance.
The Oncology Department of Medicabil Hospital offers its patients up-to-date treatment, diagnosis and treatment with the most successful medical practices.
Our patients can contact us 24/7 and ask all the questions they are interested in. Side effects of chemotherapy, injections, etc. in addition to his questions on issues, the patient's psychological state, nutrition, adherence to treatment and faith are also under our observation.
We wish you a healthy day…