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Hallux Valgus (toe protrusion) is a Latin medical term describing the deformity of the big toe. “Hallux” means big toe. “Valgus” is an anatomical term used to explain that the deformity is in the direction away from the body.

The big toe, which should normally be parallel to the axis of the foot, changes direction and turns towards the second toe in Hallux Valgus, in other words, towards the outside of the foot. In this case, a swelling occurs slightly above the big toe.

Main Causes of Hallux Valgus

  • Wearing inappropriate shoes,
  • Joint laxity,
  • Flat feet,
  • Genetic effects
  • Obesity
  • Pressing inside
  • Achilles tendon tension is one of the main causes of Hallux Valgus disease.

At the beginning of the complaints, choosing suitable shoes and supporting them with insoles will be beneficial and will provide an advantage in the treatment of the disease. But in the advanced stage, such measures are not helpful. Effective treatment is surgery. Since the causes of the disease vary from person to person, the same surgical method is not applied to every patient. In order to determine the most suitable treatment for you, you need to have a detailed examination.