Nutrition is one of the most important factors in the success of diabetes treatment and patient care. The points that diabetics should pay attention to in nutrition were given in the form of questions and answers, and our patients tried to contribute to their adaptation to the diet in their daily lives.

Why Should Diabetics Pay Attention To Their Diet?

  • Insulin or oral sugar-lowering drugs can sometimes lower blood sugar levels too much to prevent them, since patients do not pay attention to their diet,
  • To extend lifetimes,
  • To prevent blood fats from rising,
  • To prevent other diseases that may occur due to diabetes,
  • They should pay attention to improve the quality of life.

Does Nutrition Differ In Diabetics?

The diet of diabetics is personalized, even if the basic principles of the diet are the same. Because the basic characteristics that affect the nutrition of each patient (such as height, body weight, ideal weight, physical activity, socio-economic level, blood sugar level, medication or insulin therapy) are different from each other. A diabetic diet should be prepared by a dietitian specifically for each patient, the diabetic should only follow a diet specially prepared for himself.

Nutrituonal Recommendations For Diabetics

  • If the diabetic's body weight is more than it should be, he should lose weight. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to lose weight in a long-term and permanent way.
  • Very low-calorie diets should not be applied, as they will be harmful, causing excessive blood sugar levels to fall.
  • Body weight should be checked by weighing in the same outfit and at the same time every week.

Why Are Meals Important For Diabetics?

  • In order to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits in diabetics, the frequency and number of meals are important.
  • It is most appropriate to consume nutrients in 3 main, 3 decoctions. In this way, insulin use will be more balanced and the need for insulin will be reduced.
  • In the three main meals (morning, lunch, evening), bread, meat, foods from the vegetable group should be consumed. In addition, fruit and milk group can also be added. Especially for patients taking sugar-lowering drugs or insulin, decoctions are necessary because they are important for taking energy to meet the effect of these treatments.

Why Is It Important To Take Foods On Time In Diabetics?

Diabetics should eat the recommended nutrients on time and in the recommended amounts. In this way, the diabetic is protected from harmful conditions such as excessive sugar drop or excessive sugar rise.

Carbohydrates are the most important nutrient used in energy formation in diabetics. (flour, starchy foods, sugar, etc.)) Bulgur, cereals such as rice, chickpeas, lentils, dried legumes and vegetables found in the starch is more complex structure because the digestion is slow and the blood is the slowest type of carbohydrate. Because of these positive properties, complex carbohydrates should be consumed more in the diet than simple carbohydrates.

Diabetics fats the amount and type of fat consumed is important because diabetics have a greater risk of developing coronary heart disease. In order to reduce fat intake, it is necessary not to add oil to dishes with meat in them when cooking, instead of frying and roasting, to choose grilling, baking and scalding, and not to add oil to salads. Fat taken from meals is enough for the vitamins and minerals to be taken from the salad to be used in the body. When preparing dishes, margarine, olive oil and other liquid oils (such as corn extract, Moon Flower oil, soybean oil) should be preferred instead of butter. Instead of red meat, white meat should be preferred, if red meat is preferred, lean parts should be taken.

Excess Cholesterol Is Harmful In Diabetics

  • Cholesterol-dense foods should not be consumed too much.
  • Foods with high cholesterol include eggs, offal, butter, fatty cheeses and red meat.
  • No more than 2 eggs per week should be eaten.

Importance of pulp foods in diabetics the foods consumed should be sufficient in terms of pulp. Especially fruits, vegetables, dried legumes and oats, called water-soluble pulp, should be preferred because they lower blood sugar levels more. Bulgur instead of rice, fruits belonging to the same food instead of soup should be consumed with crust. Foods should be consumed in multi-grain form from flour.

Importance Of Vitamins In Diabetics

  • In diabetics, especially Vitamins E, C and B have positive effects.
  • If fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and meat are consumed every day, inadequacy does not occur.
  • Especially at each meal, it is necessary to take nutrients that are a source of vitamin C.
  • Group B vitamins are recommended to be taken as pills.
  • Vitamin E is mainly found in green leafy plants, oilseeds and oils derived from them, hard-shelled fruits such as nuts and peanuts, cereal grains and dry yesilagu.
  • Vitamin C is found in green vegetables, Yesil, citrus fruits, strawberries and tomatoes.