Brain Tumor Surgery With Neuronavigation

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Brain tissue is a sensitive and self-renewing organ with a rather limited capacity. Minimal tissue damage is the main goal of surgical treatment in brain tumor surgeries.

For this reason, the combined use of digital technology such as neuronavigation with microsurgery provides a safer and smaller surgical corridor, but minimizes the possibility of neurological sequelae that may occur after surgery.

This technology has allowed modern surgical methods to be performed, such as biopsy by the method of neuronavigation and tumor removal by Neuronavigation. In operations accompanied by neuronavigation, the exact localization and boundary of the tumor is determined. In this way, the probability of damage to the surrounding tissues is reduced. A number of possible neurological damages that may occur in the patient will also be prevented.

MD. Mehmet Akif SÖNMEZ

Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist