Medicabil Sends Health Team to Earthquake Zone

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Due to the earthquake disaster, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaraş and causing loss of life and property in 10 provinces around it, Private Medicabil Health Group sent a health team of 13 physicians and nurses to the region.

The Medicabil Health team, which departed from Bursa on Thursday morning and reached the earthquake zone on the same day, supports the patients to heal their wounds with medical intervention and treatment.

Making a statement on the subject, Private Medicabil Health Group Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Bilgen said, “We are facing a great disaster. A day of unity and togetherness. As a health group, we sent a health team to the region. We will continue to help as much as we can and within the framework of our hospital's possibilities. We wish God's mercy on those who lost their lives in the earthquake that stifled our country, and we wish a speedy recovery to our wounded."