Medicabil's Health Team Completed Its Mission in the Earthquake Zone

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Private Medicabil Health Group welcomed the doctors returning from the earthquake area and their team and thanked them for their services.

Due to the earthquake disaster, the epicenter of which was Kahramanmaraş and causing loss of life and property in 10 surrounding cities, the health team of 13 physicians and nurses from the Private Medicabil Health Group, who went voluntarily to the earthquake area, completed their duties and returned to Bursa.

Private Medicabil Health Group Chairman of the Board Prof. MD. Ömer Faruk Bilgen, members of the board of directors and employees greeted the team at the door, thanking them for their services and awarded a certificate.

Making statements on the subject, Private Medicabil Hospital Chief Physician Prof. MD. Aysun Yılmazlar said, “13 of our colleagues, consisting of our doctors and nurses, went to the earthquake area to help as an ointment for the wounds of our brothers and sisters in the earthquake disaster, which deeply saddened us all. Our colleagues, who voluntarily rushed to help, left their jobs and loved ones. They did not eat, did not wash in the difficult conditions there, they tried to bandage the wounds. We thank them. We offer our condolences to our colleagues and citizens who lost their lives.”

Radiology Specialist, who was among the team that went to the earthquake area. MD. Abdurrahman Gölbaşı said, “I volunteered to help our brothers in the earthquake area and to heal the wounds, even if it was a little bit. We worked in ruined buildings. Despite all the difficulties, it was important to be there. "People want to do something, that's what we could do, we were able to do it," he said.


Stating that being in the earthquake affected area and helping people is a pride for a doctor, Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist MD.Yusuf Aruser conveyed his feelings, thoughts and observations as follows; “There were two important institutions of our state, AFAD and UMKE. They were well organized when we reached the area. We did a delicate task, of course, there were some shortcomings, but still, every health personnel was working hard regardless of the time and environment. We also had two aftershocks, but we managed to overcome them.”