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Medicabil Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department aims to provide services to outpatient or inpatient patients in accordance with current, ethical and international standards.In the department consisting of physical therapy outpatient clinic, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit and Electroneuromiography (EMG/enmg) Laboratory, experienced specialist physicians and physiotherapists serve in their fields.Neurological rehabilitation, mainly orthopedic rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation of Rheumatic Diseases, Treatment of musculoskeletal pain, exercise in osteoporosis Nov., it provides services in areas such as cardiac rehabilitation, exercise follow-up programs during pregnancy. Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Unit has the equipment to provide the best service to its patients along with its large area and state-of-the-art devices.Physical therapy and rehabilitation are aimed at improving the quality of life of patients in cases where the functions of various parts of the body are lost or threatened due to various diseases or injuries. In order to increase the Independent Movement potential of our patients, to relieve their pain and to gain maximum mobility, modern rehabilitation techniques are applied.In Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation departments, within the scope of orthopedic rehabilitation, services are provided in areas such as rehabilitation of sports injuries, rehabilitation after fractures, rehabilitation after meniscus surgery, rehabilitation of patients who have undergone prosthetic surgery.Within the scope of rehabilitation treatment of novelistic diseases, in areas such as prevention of joint problems or opening of joint restriction, treatment of low back and neck pain, rehabilitation of Rheumatic Diseases, Treatment is carried out with international treatment protocols.In the field of neurological rehabilitation, physical therapy and rehabilitation after muscle, tendon and nerve injuries, rehabilitation of patients with full or partial paralysis and spinal cord injuries are provided.Nov.Rehabilitation of osteoporosis and degenerative joint diseases, treatment of spinal curvature (scoliosis), respiratory rehabilitation, microsurgery hand surgery rehabilitation after injuries, especially in women with obstetric and Uro-gynecology, physiotherapy, joint injections, Noralterapi, and manual therapy such as pain management physical therapy and rehabilitation services in the spectrum is quite broad. Our treatment areas include:Musculoskeletal Diseases: neck, back and back pain, neck and lumbar hernias, joint arthrosis, inflammatory novelistic diseases, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.Orthopedic rehabilitation: rehabilitation practices before and after orthopedic diseases and orthopedic operations such as arthroplasty.Sports injuries: therapeutic and preventive rehabilitation practices in order to return an athlete to sports as soon as possible after a sports injury.Neurological Rehabilitation: strokes caused by stroke, brain damage and spinal cord injuries, physical therapy and rehabilitation applications in nerve injuries, facial paralysis diseases.Regional sweating therapy: iontophoresis therapy is performed with electrical current in regional sweating of the hands, feet and armpits. Iontophoresis treatment is a successful method of controlling perspiration.Treatment of lymph and Vascular circulatory disorders: the table of lymphedema seen in the arms, especially in patients undergoing breast surgery and radiation therapy, can be seen in the arms and legs in many different cases. Physical therapy and rehabilitation applications are used as auxiliary treatments for lymphedema and vascular insufficiency.

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