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Our operating room is structured in accordance with the principles of patient and employee safety with an understanding of patient-oriented service in international standards. Patient and staff entrance to our operating room is independent of each other and sterile and semi-sterile areas are divided.In our operating room, which has a usage area of 450 square meters, we have 4 operating rooms, each of which has an area of about 45 square meters. Surgical and anesthesia pendants in our halls are directly connected with our Central Medical Gas System and active gas waste system is available in all our halls.The walls, doors and windows of our 2 halls, which have equipment for organ transplantation, are made so that they do not pass X-rays. Along with our hermetic doors sealed with air in our operating rooms,laminar current system in these 2 halls and positive pressure ventilation with hepafilter in the other 2 Halls ensures the continuity of fresh air inside.In operating rooms, operating lamps are led and PACs are equipped with monitor handles that allow you to access radiological images in all halls. In addition, for scientific organizations, we have a videoconferencing system between our 2 operating rooms and our conference room, and the infrastructure of this system is ready in our other rooms.Our system is fed by uninterruptible power supply in order to ensure continuity and security in service delivery where high-tech products are used.Safe anesthesia approach was provided with pre-anesthesia evaluation, preoperative preparation and compilation areas created in our operating room, which has anesthesia equipment that can serve 24 hours.