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At Medicabil Hospital, the audiology Unit works under the Department of ENT and provides services for hearing evaluation and rehabilitation, vertigo evaluation, tinnitus treatment, hearing screening of newborn babies.The tests are performed by an Audiometrist and our specialist assesses the test results. An audiometric test is a test performed in a quiet cabin to determine the level of hearing loss, type, speech intelligibility, and discomfort threshold. A hearing aid is a sound amplifier placed in the ear. It does not treat the patient's ear, it raises the sound and allows it to be heard. Choosing, adjusting and programming the hearing aid according to the characteristics of the hearing loss, making the ear mold appropriately is very important for the benefit of the device and for comfortable use.Pure Audio Audiogram
SRT (reception threshold)
SD (distinguishing speech)
MCL (most comfortable loudness)
UCL (loudness unsettling)
Tympanometric tests are tests performed by giving sounds to the skin. It tests the movement of the eardrum, the movement of the bones in the middle ear, and whether the Eustachian tube works.An otoacoustic emission test (Newborn Hearing Screening)is an objective test that shows whether there is a lack of hearing caused by the inner ear, as it is used as a screening test to determine hearing in newborn babies. In our hospital, every newborn baby is given an otaakoustic emission test that shows whether his hearing is normal. Each baby born in our hospital is measured by screening tests whether the hearing is normal.