Medicabil Hospital Child Health and Diseases Department is organized to provide examination, treatment and preventive health services for children and young people between the ages of 0-16. Starting from birth, all childhood diseases are examined, tested, treated and followed up by experienced experts in their field. Our hospital aims to provide you with the best service and offers a full-fledged service with the New Born Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Polyclinic, Pediatric Service and Baby Observation Room equipped with modern and advanced technology. All the necessary follow-up and treatment of our children from birth can be done both outpatient and inpatient.

In medical emergencies, our Emergency Service has the personnel and equipment to provide adequate intervention to our children. After birth, our babies are discharged under the supervision of our nurses in the Baby Observation Room, followed by the mothers for 24 hours and under the control of our specialist pediatricians with all routine checks and examinations. In our Pediatric Polyclinics, healthy babies are checked and vaccinated, as well as a playground and safety circle for children to be comfortable before and after the doctor's examination. In our polyclinics, examinations can be made by making an appointment online from our call center or our website with the appointment system, and in emergency cases, our Emergency Service and pediatricians serve you immediately by intervening in coordination and cooperation.

- Allergic diseases,
- Asthma diagnosis and treatment,
- Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory tract infections,
- Diagnosis and treatment of kidney and urinary system infections,
- The diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence,
- Inpatient diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases