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That is why oral and dental health is so important. The question of what is oral and dental health has always been important, these questions increase the importance that society attaches to oral and dental health, raise the level of consciousness of society. Oral and dental health diseases include gum diseases, dental caries, tooth shape and position disorders, tooth tightening, buried tooth problems. Not only the digestive system is affected in case of impaired oral and dental health. In addition to the digestive system, diseases of the heart system, diabetes, immunosuppressive diseases, pregnancy also affect their condition. Patients with gum diseases, dental caries are always patients with a high potential for infection.
Infection in the oral area is always a risk in patients with heart diseases, immunosuppressive diseases. In order to minimize the risk of endocarditis in our patients with heart disease, there should be no caries in the mouth and the gums should be healthy.In immunosuppressive patients, they are always open to infections because the person's immune system is suppressed. That is why immunosuppressive patients should pay close attention to their oral and dental health. We see gum diseases more often in patients with diabetes mellitus. Our patients with diabetes should definitely request extra information from their doctor about their gums during routine dental examinations.
As a result of changing hormone levels and nausea in our patients with a pregnancy condition, the incidence of caries and gum diseases throughout the pregnancy condition is high. The presence of existing gum disease leads to premature birthc. It is inconvenient to perform dental procedures during the first 3 months of pregnancy and the last 3 months.
We definitely recommend dental examination before pregnancy to our patients who are considering pregnancy in a planned way. In order to maintain our oral and dental health, we should definitely brush our teeth at least 2 times a day, have a routine dentist examination every 6 months, fill in our missing teeth in the mouth.