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In Medicabil Hospital, the Audiology Unit works under the ENT Department and provides services in the evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing, evaluation of dizziness, tinnitus treatment, and hearing screening of newborn babies. The tests are performed by the audiometrist and our specialist doctor evaluates the test results. The audiometric test is a test performed in a quiet cabin to determine the level and type of hearing loss, speech intelligibility and discomfort threshold. The hearing aid is a sound amplifier placed in the ear. It does not treat the patient's ear, it makes it heard by increasing the voice. It is very important to select, adjust and program the hearing aid according to the characteristics of the hearing loss, to make the ear mold properly, to benefit from the device and to use it comfortably.

Pure Sound Audiogram
SRT (threshold for receiving speech)
SD (Speech discrimination)
MCL (Most comfortable loudness)
UCL (Unsettling loudness)
Tympanometric Tests are tests performed by giving sounds to the ear. The movement of the eardrum, the movement of the ossicles in the middle ear, and the functioning of the eustachian tube are tested.

Otoacoustic Emission Test (Newborn Hearing Screening) It is an objective test that indicates whether there is a hearing impairment originating from the inner ear, as well as as a screening test to determine hearing in newborn babies. In our hospital, an otoacoustic emission test is applied to every newborn baby, which shows whether his hearing is normal. Whether or not every baby born in our hospital has normal hearing is measured by screening tests.