The most important effort in today's medicine is to keep the person healthy by taking necessary precautions before the disease occurs. Early and accurate diagnosis of many other diseases such as coronary artery diseases, cancer, and hypertension, which are the diseases of our age, is of great importance in terms of both life span and quality of life. In addition, early diagnosis and regular treatment are of great importance in diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, which damage vital organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys by watching insidiously for years without any signs or symptoms. In Medicabil Hospital, beyond the standard check-up programs organized according to age and gender differences, your lifestyle, personal characteristics, habits, expectations and family predispositions are examined, and your specific risks are determined and a check-up program is offered in line with your priorities. Immediately after the interview with your doctor, the tests to be performed are determined and the relevant departments are contacted when necessary. Your personal health risks are evaluated and your necessary guidance and controls are carried out in a short time in line with the results obtained. In this way, unlike standard check-up programs, more detailed examinations are performed with a program determined according to the risks you carry. Thus, necessary precautions for your health can be taken without wasting time. In addition to personalized Individual Check-up programs, special services are offered to managers, employees and new recruiters through Corporate Check-up programs. The contribution of the physical and mental health of the employees to their performance and the overall success of the company is known. Medicabil Hospital also has check-up panels for the diagnosis and treatment of possible diseases and risks, created according to age and gender. These panels;
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Women Over 40
Women Under 40
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03-13 Child Check-up
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