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Our hospital does not have a designated visiting time, and according to the condition of your patient, visits can be made until 23:00 with the approval of our medical staff. Your request for a visit after 23: 00 can be made with the approval of our respective physician/administrative director and within the knowledge of the supervisor nurse. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. The fact that patient visits are short-term with a small number of visitors is important for the health of your patient and the functioning of our clinic. People with colds, sore throats, colds or any infectious disease should not visit the patient. Live flowers are not accepted in our patient rooms for infection control purposes. According to general health principles, it is not appropriate to take child visitors to the patient rooms. Patients ' diets are special; food and drink should not be brought to the hospital from outside without the doctor's permission. During the visit, you should not make noise, behave that will disrupt public order and peace. The use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages within the hospital is strictly prohibited. Since it is not appropriate to visit a patient in the intensive care unit, the visiting time is between 10:30 and 11:30, but our relatives of patients will be informed at the time that the doctor deems appropriate. A visit can be made at least 2 times a day in the neonatal intensive care unit and when the doctor deems it appropriate. The doctor may not allow visits of patients (such as intensive care, infectious disease) who he thinks are objectionable. In cases where there is no medical problem, 1 person can stay with the patients as a companion. The nurse must be informed when changing the companion. In the departments where there are qualified patient groups, there are no companion practices.