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Dear patient and relatives, the purpose of Health Services is to ensure that the individual and society are healthy, long-lived and work efficiently.T.C. Ministry of Health “Patient Rights and responsibilities regulation”; fundamental human rights, health services in the field of reflection, and in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, other legislation and international legal texts accepted in “patient rights”are given concretely demonstrate that NI and health care institutions and organizations, health care institutions, is provided outside of the health service in the case where human dignity befitting everyone “patient rights”to benefit from, it has been prepared to regulate the procedures and principles that it can be protected from violations of rights and, if necessary, actually use legal means of protection.As a private Medicabil Hospital, Our goal is to provide a quality and reliable health service on the way we go with the slogan ‘Health first’ in line with our mission and vision, to provide you with a peaceful environment during your time as our guest.Benefit from health services in general within the framework of the principles of fairness and fairness. They have the right to receive services without regard to race, language, language, sect, gender, philosophical belief, economic and social status.Information and Information request he has the right to learn what all kinds of health services and opportunities are and to request all kinds of information about his health status verbally or in writing.Choosing and changing a Health Organization, staff, choosing a Health Organization, changing and using the health services provided in the chosen medical facility, the identities of doctors and other health employees who will provide and provide health services, he has the right to learn and change his duties and titles.They have the right to receive all kinds of health care in an environment suitable for privacy.-Health-related information has the right not to provide information to people other than their consent.-In research and educational studies, the patient has the right not to disclose his or her credentials without the patient's permission.- Death does not eliminate the confidentiality of patient information.- Employees of the institution may not share patient information in the patient's room or in open places for visitors, and they may not discuss the patient in public places.Rejection, He has the right to obtain written consent from the stop and consent, to use the service within the framework of his consent, to request a stop of treatment and to refuse treatment.If patients and their relatives participate in a study, they have the right to receive detailed information about the study and refuse to participate in the study if they do not want to.In our hospital, except for life-threatening situations, if our patients are underage or do not have the ability to make decisions, no intervention can be made without the written consent of the guardian or guardian.Security our hospital takes the necessary measures to ensure the safety of life and property of patients and their relatives during the period in which they are in the hospital.It has the right to fulfill its religious obligations to the extent possible of the health facility and within the framework of the measures taken by the administration.Respect for human values, Respect and comfort in a friendly, kind, compassionate environment with respect, care and care, all kinds of hygienic conditions are provided noisy and disturbing all factors are eliminated in the right to receive health care.He has the right to receive visitors within the framework of the procedures and principles established by the health facilities, to the extent of the legislation and the facilities of the health facility, and to have a companion if the doctor deems it appropriate.In case of violation of the right of application, complaint and Lawsuit, any application within the framework of the legislation, he has the right to use his right to complain and Sue.To apply for issues related to Patient Rights;contact “Patient Rights Unit”mizle 2415533/1003 during your time in our hospital kurunuz.www.saglik.gov.tr/ALO 184 Sabim Line Private Medicabil Hospital, t.C. It benefited from the Ministry of Health's directive of the same name.