For our patients applying to our hospital, patient registration areas are available on the Polyclinic floors.Our personnel in this unit are on duty between 08.30 and 17.30 to perform your registration and appointment procedures.In our hospital, registration priority is given to emergency cases, elderly and disabled people.Elderly and disabled patients, please contact the advisory unit for assistance.Referencesexternal links, you can choose your doctor from the patient registration department and make your registration.Please do not forget to bring it with you, as your official identity and institution documents will be used for patient admission and all other procedures.After receiving your personal information and logging into the computer system, you will be directed to the relevant section.Outpatient services in our hospital are provided between 08:30 and 17:30 on working days; 08:30 and 14:00 on Saturday, inpatient services and emergency services are provided 24/7.
How Can I Be Examined?Please make an appointment at our outpatient clinic where you want to be examined before coming to the hospital.
If you are a patient with SSI, contact the patient registration unit at the location of the outpatient clinics to register on the computer.Illustrated and T.C. Register with your official ID card with your ID number written. 67 of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 to benefit from health services. Your biometric data will be taken by palm scanning method in order to be authenticated according to the article.Sign the “general consent and commitment” form stating that you have shown the necessary consent, approved biometric authentication and paid for your examination.After registration, you will be referred to the outpatient clinic. A patient consultant will help you for the examination.
If you are a private insured patient, apply to the patient registration unit with your insurance card for registration.Sign the “private insured/ paid patient commitment“ stating that you have given the necessary consent and paid for your examination.After you deliver your insurance card to the patient registration officer, you will be referred to the outpatient clinic. A patient consultant will help you for the examination.After the end of your treatment services, you are directed to the contracted institutions and private health insurance unit located on the ground floor and your provision is received by the private insurance officer.If you have an amount to pay, your payment will be processed.
If you are a paid patient, you can get fee information by contacting the registration counters and start your registration procedures.Sign the “private insured/ paid patient commitment“ stating that you have given the necessary consent and paid for your examination.After making your payment, you will be referred to the appropriate outpatient clinic. A patient consultant will help you for the examination.After the examination, if you have a request for analysis and examination by your doctor after the examination, you will be referred to the patient registration unit.After receiving your payment, you will be referred to the relevant unit in accordance with your analysis and audits.For your laboratory results, refer to the “patient registration and results receipt bench”located on the ground floor, and for your Radiology examination results, refer to the “radiology registration and results receipt bench”in front of the radiology unit.Consult your doctor for your analysis and examination results. A patient consultant will help you.
Admission applications after the necessary procedures have been performed in the outpatient clinic you are applying for and your doctor has decided on your admission, you can apply to the admission unit on the ground floor for hospitalization and perform your hospitalization procedures.
We recommend that you bring your inpatient personal belongings and not take your not-so-necessary belongings with you.Do not share your personal belongings with others, do not use other people's personal belongings.Smoking is prohibited in our hospital according to Law No. 4207.
Companion Rules 1 person can stay with our patients as a companion in cases where there is no harm.Stay with your patient as long as you remain a companion.Inform the nurse when changing the companion.People who are not involved in care and treatment cannot be present with the patient during medical interventions.If your patient is in surgery or at birth, you can follow the information about his condition on the information screen on TV channel 25.During the visit, sitting in patient beds and using patient belongings, it is prohibited for the health and safety of patients and their relatives.After 23:00, the entrances and exits of our escorts (except for necessary cases) are in the knowledge of the administrative managers.
For inpatient and visitor safety, give the medication you brought to the clinic nurse.Do not take any medication without consulting your doctor, except for the medications you are given.In order to avoid any mistakes in the treatments that will be applied to you when you are admitted to clinics, make sure that the special patient wristbands worn on your wrist do not leave the hospital until you are discharged.Do not get out of bed alone in the room in accordance with your nurse's practice on the risk of falling.Your nurse will inform you how to use the equipment in your room. Please ask for help using the call button when you need it.Keep your belongings in the cabinets in your rooms.For our patient and facility safety, no electric heater is used in the patient rooms.In case of an emergency, act according to the Escape Plan located on your door.We ask you to hand over any items you find belonging to someone else to our security officer. You can find out if your missing item has reached the security guard.Contact Internal number: dial '1340'.Be sure to lock the windows and doors of your car in parking lots. Do not leave your valuables in your vehicle.Dinner hours for our patients and companions Breakfast: 06: 30-07: 30 Lunch: 12: 00-13: 00 dinner: 18: 00-19: 30