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Our technological and physical structure our Modern technological structure is one of the most important elements that will allow us to achieve excellence in all the services we offer. Therefore, by following developments in technology, we are constantly improving our infrastructure with the latest technologies to increase the efficiency, quality and efficiency of our services. With our advanced technological infrastructure and expert manpower, we serve in international standards that adhere to ethical rules, are reliable, respect patient and patient rights, depend on employee and patient safety, contribute to quality improvement and sustainability through scientific and academic studies. We perform all diagnostic and interventional radiological procedures with the most advanced radiological devices with high-tech products. All of our laboratories with modern equipment, and diagnostic tests in our laboratory studied the process of continuous monitoring of the world of Science and technology devices international quality control accepted under the control of the district renewed with results as soon as possible. We offer services in seven floors, 8 thousand square meters indoor area in Medicabil Hospital, which is made by taking into account hospital ergonomics. In the provision of outpatient services at Medicabil hospital, it is possible for patients to choose and change their physicians. We constantly improve our service delivery areas and continue to grow by adding new ones. Detailed information for our service areas can be found on our site. We keep all our records related to our patients in accordance with the code of ethics for information privacy with the automation of “Hospital Information Management System”(HBYS) and “PACS”(Picture archiving and communication system), while providing health care that is easily accessible to those who need it. With HBYS, all registration procedures that will be performed during the time of treatment of our patients are performed as soon as possible, ensuring that our expert medical team devotes quality time to patient care. In our rooms prepared with advanced technology, everything is considered for medical treatment and daily needs, and our patients feel comfortable and safe and are designed spacious and simple. A private rest area is also available for our companions. Everything needed is available in our rooms, where every detail is considered for all our patients to be comfortable. Structured in international standards with a patient-oriented service approach, two of our operating rooms are equipped for organ transplantation. All medical records of our patients (radiology, laboratory, examination, etc.) as soon as the doctor needs them in all our halls.). In scientific organizations, we have a system that allows videoconferencing between our operating rooms and our conference room. The central sterilization unit is positioned according to scientific rules and equipped with the necessary devices. We have internal Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units with intensive care criteria at all levels. In our intensive care areas equipped with state-of-the-art devices, the doctor also has the ability to monitor and monitor each patient with remote access with a central monitor system. Our entire system is powered by an uninterruptible power supply to ensure continuity and security.