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AB Rotech Automation Systems
Adal Environmental Engineering A.P.
Aktaş Group
Altinsoy Textile
An Ipek Tekstil san. Ve Tic. Co.Ltd.
Aydınlar Textile
Baktat Food Ltd.Ltd.
Bamesa Steel Service San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Baikal Machine
Beceren Hotel
Borçelik Steel Industry Trade a.P.
Bosch industry and trade A.P.
Can Alüminyum San. Ve Tic. a.P.
Canel Automotive A.P.
Cansan Otomotiv A.P.
Contitech Tire San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Crown Plaza Hotel
Divan Hotel
Stop Makina San. Ve Tic. A.P.
ECS electric injection and Cable Systems San.A.P.
Ermaksan Machinery Industry and trade A.P.
Ermetal Group Of Companies
Ersop automotive subsidiary Industry Information and advertising San. Ve Tic. Co.Ltd.
Farba Automotive Outdoor Lighting Systems
Fistas Fantasy Yarn San. and tick. A.P.
Formback Life Center
Gemport Gemlik port and storage enterprises a.P.
Grammar Seat Systems San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Hilton Hotel
Holiday In Hotel
Işıksoy Textile
Chamber Of Civil Engineers
Ipeker Textile A.P.
Roe Shops
Karinna Hotel
Karsan Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Kinteks weaving and dyeing industry A.P.
Cortex Thread
Körüstan Makina Metal A.P.
Laspar Rubber Spare Parts San. Ve Tic. Co.Ltd.
Leoni cable and technologies San. Ve Tic. Co.Ltd.
Matay otomotiv Yan San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Maysan Mando Automotive Parts San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Montania Hotel
Monte Baia Hotel
Orhan Holding
Authentic Hotel
Oyak Renault Automobile Factories A.P.
Prsymain cable and systems A.P.
Reno Mais
Rollmech Automotive San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Rudolf Duraner Chemical Substances Tic. And San. A.P.
Sonoco Packaging
Saydam tekstil San. Ve Tic. Co.Ltd.
Sinem Empirme dye textile garment home textile yarn fabric San. Ve Tic. Co.Ltd.
So-Called Insurance
Şahince Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Tarimak agricultural machinery and San.A.P.
Technical Material A.P.
Tofaş Turkish Automobile Factory A.P.
Trans Logistics Transport and Tic. Co.Ltd.
Turquoise Insurance
Sentence translation (translation and consulting speed. Co.Ltd.)
Uray Insurance
Valeo Automotive Systems Industry A.P.
Yazaki Otomotiv Yan San. Ve Tic. A.P.
Jade Textiles
Ramada Hotel
Holiday Inn. Hotel
Gönlüferah Hotel