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Within Medicabil Hospital human resources policies, our training system, which has a strategic importance, aims to support the development of our employees, create motivation and job satisfaction and maximum patient satisfaction. Our goal is to increase the quality of Medicabil Hospital Service in a rational way and to provide our staff with a productive structure within the scope of Medicabil culture;
- Ensuring the positive development of our staff's relations with each other and with the patient,
- Improve our staff's ability to solve problems, take responsibility, use initiative,
- Improve their abilities, personal skills, such as on-site, correct and immediate decision-making, use of authority,
- Contribute to increasing their self-confidence.
Our education system has been created in parallel with the organizational structure of Medicabil Hospital. Our employees who have just started working at Medicabil Hospital participate in “adaptation to the institution” training. Here, our employees are instilled in our employees the corporate culture that Medicabil owns and expects from employees. Later, their development is supported by their participation in training programs that will provide their technical knowledge, skills and personal development in line with their career steps. As not only an institution, but also a learning organization, Medicabil has established its mission to be a school that constantly develops its employees and is a pioneer in this regard. Medicabil Hospital is aware that being at the highest levels in the sector is possible with continuous development and learning and carries out all training plans in this direction. Every year, a certain number of Health High School seniors provide internship opportunities. However, every month, seminars are held in the conference hall, both within the institution and by Professional Speakers, attended by the vast majority of employees at 08.00 in the morning on certain days of the week determined for that month and on issues.You can access the seminar program here.