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As Medicabil, we stop applying a form of Management in which the system is shaped according to employees, which is a classic and old concept with a lean approach, and adopt a standard form of management in which employees recognize the process and keep up with the system. We aim to achieve our service quality at an equal level to all patients at every moment and point.

As a private Medicabil Hospital, all business steps from the beginning to the end of Service Delivery; Quality Management Systems (QMS), Hospital Information Management System (HBYS), Joint Commission International (JCI) and T.C. By studying laws in accordance with their concepts, we are working to simplify our system and capture continuity in the development of the institution and base it on solid foundations.

As a private Medicabil hospital, we aim to provide better quality and continuous service by increasing the satisfaction of our patients and patients ' relatives, employees and employers by eliminating all kinds of waste and reducing our costs and making our services more profitable for you and our institution, starting from the first moment of presentation of our service.

We are working to establish a "lean" health system by continuously improving our value-creating activities, by pulling our activities that do not create value but are obliged to do to the minimum levels, by finding and removing our activities that do not create value at all from the system.

With a lean approach, we reduce our costs by eliminating all kinds of waste in the system and take a more profitable approach for the service alan/provider. As more profitable, our mistakes, over-or under-production of our over-or under-our stock, to wait unnecessary, our jobs, our actions are unnecessary, unnecessary, excessive or unnecessary by destroying any concept so our move us in providing our services we aim to provide added value.

Patient/patient, employee and Employer Satisfaction by increasing our resources to provide better quality service, we are directed to reducing waste in the system and continually create more value; just as the company does not increase the profitability and competitiveness of the service area for themselves and our patients a better fit, better quality, cheaper services can obtain. When this chain spreads to all sectors and all areas of activity, it contributes to the increase of social wealth.